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Manufacturers of Compressed Uhmwpe, Pe, Hdpe, PP, Sheets, Rods & Bushes.

Manufacturers Of Extruded Nylon, PP,  POM-Polyacetal- Derlin , HDPE,  Rods, Sheets & Bushes


: Product Range :

Uhmwpe,  Pe,  Hdpe,   Nylon-6,   Cast Nylon,   Delrin,   Teflon,   Polyproplene,   Nylon Mos2,             

Polyurethane, Rods,   Sheets,   Bars,   Profiles,   Gears,   Tubes, 

Conveyors,   Chain Guides,   Buffers,   Pads,   Chopping Boards,   Trolley Wheels,  

Star Wheels,  Slats,   Hammers,   Gaskets,   Pallets,   Pinions,   Printing Strips,  

Doctor Blades  &   Off-Cuts   As   Per   Requirement.        


:Industrial Applications:  

Automobile Industry-   Rods,   Castors,   Conveyor Strips,   Pallets,   Rollers

Building & Constructions-   Packing Slipper Guides, Wear Strips.

Cement Industries-   Liners,   Wear Plates,   Trolley Wheels,   Guides,   Spades. 

Core-ore-mines-   Acid Resistance Sheets,   Hangers,   Liner Sheets.  

Chemical & Fertilizers-   Idlers,   Roller,   Impellers,   Conveyor Support Tracks,   Solid Rods,   Square Bars.

Paper Pulp Board-   Hydrofoils,   Suctions Box Covers,   Sealing Strips,   Dr. Blades,   Pinions & Spares 

Jute Mills,   Sugar Mills-   Trolley Wheels,   Rollers,   High Impact Rollers.

Steel Rolling Mills-   Slipper Pads,   Base Strips,   Pipe Rolling Guides,   Bushes,   Trolley Wheels.

Printing & Packaging-   Blades Support Strips,   Packing Strips,   Alingment Strips.

Food & Beverages,   Pharmaceuticals-  Chopping Boards,   Conveyor Strips,   Bottle Guides,   Star Wheels,  

 Feed Worm,   Table Top Plates,   Bottom Shoe Supporters,   Profiles,   Chain Guides 

Bottling & Conveying-   Cams,   Wear Strips,   Profiles,   Star Wheels,   Track Guide,   Nozzles,  

Table Tops,   Bushes,   Chain Guides,   Bottle Holder-Cups,   Worms.

  & Spares As Per Drawings- Specifications.

Manufacturers   of   NYLOPICK Brand   Engineering   Plastics

Pioneers  in  Extrusion,  Compression  & Moulding  of  Engineering  Plastics Since 1965






Nylopick Industries

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Gujarat,   India.

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 Hundyaco  -  Compression & Semi Extrusion

Engineering Polyshape  -  Extrusion Polymer Shapes

Engineering Polycast   -  Polymer Casting


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